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6 Most Costly Pizzas at Common Speedy-Foods Chains

There are as a lot of quickly-meals pizzas out there as there are stars in the sky (and we’re only partly kidding). If you start out digging into the globe of pizza chains, you can quickly get lost in a myriad of crusts, toppings, and specialty concoctions—not to mention charges.

Though most quickly-food pizza chain offerings operate any where amongst $10 and $18, we needed to look for significant and reduced to learn just how expensive pizzas can get—and what accurately you get with a pie that sets you again extra than $20. (We have earlier performed the similar with burgers, hen sandwiches, and fries).

Customizations aside, we scoured the major pies from the 18 most important pizza chains in the country to uncovered those people that stood out for their substances, dimension, and eventually rate. With no even further ado, here are America’s most high-priced rapidly-food items pizzas.

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Of the five greatest countrywide pizza chains, this specialty pie from Hungry Howie’s is also among the the priciest. The XL Performs Pizza is a 16-inch pie that characteristics pepperoni, ham, mushroom, environmentally friendly pepper, onion, Italian sausage, beef, black olive, and more mozzarella. At $21, it really is the most layered and highly-priced specialty pizza on the chain’s menu.

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papa johns spinach tomato alfredo pizza
Courtesy of Papa John’s

The Handcrafted Specialty Pizzas at Papa John’s are some of the chain’s most well-known merchandise. They come in several kinds, together with Top Pepperoni, Super Hawaiian, and Fiery Buffalo Chicken, all of which will set you again $21.99 for an excess-huge, 16-inch pie. And if you’re hunting for the just lately introduced and substantially advertised Epic Stuffed Crust, you can include it to a massive specialty pie—the chain doesn’t supply it in the extra-massive size—and you’ll nevertheless end up with the identical total of $21.99.

mellow mushroom buffalo chicken pizza
Courtesy of Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom may possibly not have a nationwide existence, but this 177-site regional chain has a loyal fanbase. In fact, shoppers rated the chain’s pizza as the second most craveable in the country in 2020. And you are going to absolutely pay out a lot more for its delightful crust and gourmet toppings, all of which can be uncovered on their Stone Baked Specialty Pizzas. The chain’s massive pie is 16-inches prolonged, which corresponds to extra-big sizes at most other chains, and goes for $25. Try out creations like the Kosmic Karma, Holy Shiitake, and Yard BBQ.

round table chicken garlic pizza
Courtesy of Round Table

This popular 450-spot chain is principally located throughout the West, but it’s actually headquartered in Atlanta. And its Top quality pies are correct up there with some of the most highly-priced quick-food pizzas in the place. For some, like King Arthur’s Supreme and Hen & Garlic Connoisseur, you can expect to shell out $26.99 when you order an excess-substantial, 16-inch pie.

jets bbq chicken pizza
Courtesy of Jets Pizza

Jet’s pizzas are significant, especially when seeking at the Detroit-model presenting and its chunky, bread-like crust. So it is no shock that some of their Speciality Pizzas, which include things like 15 square slices and can feed a modest military, go for close to $31. And guess what? The XL isn’t really even their greatest size! The chain also offers a Party Tray dimensions, which includes 30 square slices. Fundamentally double the size of an extra-significant pie, it arrives out to additional $56.

mountain mikes mountain size pizza
Courtesy of Mountain Mikes

Mountain Mike’s Mountain-sized pizza is the things of legends. At a whopping 20 inches, it is really the largest quick-meals pizza out there—and just looking at it will make you feel like you must climb a mountain after indulging to burn off off some calories. In this big measurement, the chain’s Specialty Pizzas, like The Everest, Mt. Veggiemore, and Snowy Alps, will established you again a cool $39.99.

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