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Examine backlinks junk-food stuff diet program to tired truckers, dangerous driving behaviors | 2021-07-19

Beijing — A regular eating plan of junk food may engage in a role in unsafe driving actions amid business motor automobile drivers by contributing to tiredness – a important issue in roadway collisions, outcomes of a modern examine out of China reveal.

Scientists employed a sample of 389 male truck drivers from a transport company in Suzhou, China. The contributors finished a foodstuff frequency questionnaire, yet another on tiredness, and questionnaires on driving behaviors and attitudes.

The scientists determined four styles of weight loss plans: vegetable-loaded, staple food items (carbohydrates, unrefined grains, dairy solutions and eggs), animal-derived (fish and poultry) and snacks (desserts, fried foods and sugary drinks).

The vegetable-rich diet plan was joined with optimistic driving behaviors, while the animal-derived eating plan had a optimistic impression on driving problems and “ordinary” driving violations. The snack-hefty diet program, in the meantime, experienced a “direct negative impact” on driving actions, with tiredness contributing to all those destructive effects.


“Overall, the driving behaviors of truck motorists are correlated with their dietary designs,” the researchers conclude. “Drivers who chosen veggies and staple meals had a lot more favourable driving actions, whilst the animal-derived food items and snack styles ended up related to dangerous driving habits. The encounter of tiredness could reveal the fundamental mechanism among these elements.”

The examine was published online June 16 in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medication.