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Hotdogeddy’s takes scorching puppies to a whole new degree

ELKHART, Ind. — June suggests boats, baseball and barbecues, all of these summer staples have just one issue in common…

Located on the corner of South Key Avenue in downtown Elkhart lies Hotdogeddys. The quaint, hot pet dog shop is a go-to put for all ease and comfort food cravings. And if there is 1 thing Edward Hayden knows…it is hot puppies.

“I always say if I at any time place a hamburger on the menu, I unsuccessful as a incredibly hot dog person,” says Edward Hayden, Owner of Hotdogeddy’s.

Hayden to start with ventured into the puppy small business again in 2011 with a hot dog cart. Shoppers could obtain him posted outside the house the pubs late at night time serving the midnight hurry. Then in 2015, Hayden opened his modest, sizzling puppy joint. The new restaurant supplying him the prospect to grow past just your usual puppy.

“Let’s get a minor fancier than that, which is get a thing unique. So I have just been tinkering all over, I do bacon wrapped sizzling canine, I do mac and cheese on a incredibly hot dog, I do pulled pork on a very hot dog,” claims Hayden. “If you imagine about any sandwich, I can toss it on a incredibly hot dog”

What began as the traditional Chicago design expanded to 19 scorching pet dog specialties…from bacon wrapped, to chili cheese or even the mac daddy!

If you are craving a pet write-up night out or as a go to lunch, Hotdogeddy’s is the put to be.

“If you want something healthy to consume, I have instructions if you want to take in and have a very good time that is what I am below for,” claims Hayden.  

No matter whether making the most of the breakfast or traditional very hot pet dog one point is distinct between these clients, the meals is that fantastic!

Prepare your go to right here.