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I Tried Van Leeuwen’s Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Product: Evaluation

The phrase “mac and cheese ice product” might seem like a Mad Libs-design and style mashup from the depths of culinary hell, but it became a fact — and the internet’s punching bag — this summertime. When the news of Kraft teaming up with artisanal scoop shop Van Leeuwen emerged in July, I very first chose to wholly ignore it, my brain unable to comprehend why any person would at any time consider to merge two sacred and seemingly incorruptible entities like mac and cheese and ice product. But then a coworker popped into my team’s Slack room and wrote, “Men, someone has to try this.”

I permit the concept sit there for a second to see if a further courageous soul desired dibs on a totally free sample, but alas, I wound up volunteering as tribute, silently apologizing to my taste buds as I typed, “lol yolo.” Hey, I obtained via taste-testing Brach’s horrid Thanksgiving candy corn with only a cumulative 7 or so gags — I was up for the obstacle.

Immediately after a month and a fifty percent of procrastinating that I am going to blame on the chaos of going apartments in New York Metropolis, I lastly downed a couple spoonfuls the other afternoon. In possibly the most astonishing plot twist of 2021, second only to Bennifer’s reunion, it was really not as lousy as I admittedly anticipated. Read through ahead for my specific take on the ice cream’s shade, flavor, and additional, and to understand how you can get your fingers on a pint.