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My 5 Favorite Foods with Surrealist Painter Mark Kostabi

Surrealist artist Mark Kostabi, who is famed for remaining renowned and his paintings of faceless figures, was born in California to Estonian dad and mom who came here for the American Desire.

Skillfully, he floats in a continuous swirl of controversy—which he is brief to admirer if it ever seems in risk of dying down—that generally surrounds his manufacturing facility of talented artists and “idea generators” who truly paint the huge bulk of his canvases from the in-depth sketches he presents.

Properly, he points out, that all over history many terrific artists have used assistants, or even college students, to paint or sculpt their work. And this exercise definitely continues today. But Kostabi has disproportionately drawn ire for this procedure, which has only produced him far more renowned, and his paintings, which I adore, much more valuable. I once requested Kostabi what was the most essential factor to be successful as an artist, and he answered, with out irony and then with discomfort when I pressed him on it, “being a part of the art scene!”