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The Rock’s Cheat Meals Are Epic And Terrifying

I am both hungry and in pain looking at these meals.

The Rock is the closest thing we have to a real-life Jolly Green Giant.

The Rock is currently on a “very strict diet” but still has his Sunday cheat days.

For those who don’t know, on Sundays, The Rock shares pictures of his cheat meals on Instagram.

Hollywood Critics Association / Getty Images

And even though he is The Rock and is very, very large, I still have no idea how he or his toilet can survive it.

For example, this is ROUND 1 of a cheat meal — a stack of 12 pancakes:

My cheat meal days are legendary. Round 1: 1 Rock vs 12 Pancakes
Rock Wins #LegendaryCheatMeals

Via Twitter: @TheRock

And then, for ROUND TWO, he has FOUR “double dough” pizzas:

Legendary cheat meal day continues..
Round 2: 1 Rock vs 4 Double Dough Pizzas: Rock wins. #RockKOsPie

Via Twitter: @TheRock

I didn’t even know that double-dough pizza was a thing that existed:

Sometimes his cheat meal is sushi — like hundreds of pieces:

Here’s another sushi cheat meal to show you this isn’t just a one-time thing:

Other times, he eats boxes of pasta and bagels:

It’s actually a pretty common one:

There’s always room for dessert:

One time, he ate three whole pints of ice cream and pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup:

Another time, he had 15 “ginormous” cookies:

Another time, he had eight slices of sourdough French toast and topped that off with crumbled apple pie:

This was something he ate at midnight:

And here’s another dessert sampler of brownies, blondies, a bunch of random cookies, and a “fat slice of cheesecake” used as a “chaser”:

For reference, The Rock considers literally half a cheesecake to be a “slice”:

I feel for whoever has to use his bathroom after him.

I also feel for his guts.