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Viewpoint: Expensive Eating Expert services, vegetarians take in more than just salads | Impression

With the closure of The Wok and far more confined alternatives at Minimal Cocina, it appears to be Dining Providers does not know that, opposite to common belief, we vegetarians consume extra than just rabbit food items. 


The Wok presented a tofu solution with vegetables and rice, which supplied vegetarian protein with a excellent resource of amino acids and vegetables. In the same way, Cocina made use of to supply burrito bowls that could be tailored to be vegetarian, containing beans, cheese, rice and vegetables. Now people selections, and even the veggie quesadillas from Cocina, are long gone. 


Vegetarians are now remaining with a handful of selections at Sammiches, Paavo’s and Get n’ Go (wherever they are sparse and unpredictable), and either a cheese quesadilla or chips and cheese from Cocina. While Entrees offers a vegetarian alternative at each food, it generally is not ample for a meal, and at times they don’t have what’s presented on the screen. Even our possibilities at the salad bar have been severely limited this year, with the new four-topping limit, which once again suggests a lot less veggies and significantly less nutritional price in my salad. Starbucks has a whopping three vegetarian sandwiches on the menu, but it appears they’re always out when I check out to order 1. I can not even imagine being vegan at SIUE. 


A healthy lacto-ovo vegetarian food plan must comprise a good deal of eco-friendly, leafy greens, citrus fruit, eggs, soy, legumes, seeds, whole grains, nuts and beans in other words and phrases, much more than just cheese-centered menu objects or salads with four toppings. 


Fourteen percent of faculty college students are vegetarian or vegan, and of these students, 31 per cent say the atmosphere is their principal determination. For a campus that promises to be devoted to sustainability, their dining alternatives are not hassle-free for a food plan that is both equally sustainable and wholesome. 


Even if I weren’t vegetarian, it would be tricky to come across balanced solutions at the MUC, especially now that The Wok is long gone. Positive, I would have the possibilities of Boss Burger’s and Chick-fil-A, but with the exception of Chick-fil-A’s salads, they deficiency dietary price (not to point out that a lot of choose not to take in at Chick-fil-A for moral explanations). Fries and sweets, nonetheless, are quick to come across. 


There are a number of methods to resolve this difficulty. We could return to weighing salads while even now acquiring an worker make them for basic safety explanations, or at least do absent with the topping limit. Cocina could deliver back burrito bowls and veggie quesadillas. When Entrees does incorporate vegetable sides and choices these types of as falafel into their menu, they could involve an alternative that is very similar to one thing we would’ve observed at The Wok. They could even have additional than one vegetarian selection. Seize n’ Go could provide vegetarian microwaveable meals, salads, wraps and almond milk far more continually.  


I have been inspired by the addition of fresh fruit to Seize n’ Go and the salad bar. Ideally SIUE proceeds to make comparable additions to endorse the health and fitness of absolutely everyone on campus.